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words and music
from the north woods

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She grew up on a sheep farm, hit the road and made a bunch of mistakes. She wound up writing about them and decided they weren't mistakes after all.

“Simply put, this woman can write! Powerful . . . the playing on Nobody’s Baby nearly matches the excellence of her words . . . sublime . . . genre bending, intelligently written, & well performed." 



In 2022, Leslie quit her nursing job and moved from hometown High River, Alberta, to a heritage hunting camp in northern New Brunswick She's currently learning and writing about life in the woods,  immersed in the study of edible and medicinal plants, bushcraft and survival skills. Her essay "Pilgrimage" is set to appear in Book of Matches Literary Journal in September '23. Other recent essays appeared in the Humber Literary Review and Open Minds Quarterly.

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A handpicked playlist of tracks about stuff that matters: acclaimed Canadianamericana  from five independent full-length releases ranging from folk-pop to roots rock.

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Live performance video from the Brackendale Art Gallery and Bow Valley Music Club.

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Memoir and musings in pursuit of truth - always stranger than fiction.

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